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Closer... Deeper... Richer

Daily and misc. messagesPosted by Ogo Mon, June 16, 2014 12:46:51
Obtained from thesecretoasis.wordpress.com

I came across this post, written by Osita Arum about two years ago, and it caused a major shift in my fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I saw it again a few days ago, and I knew I just had to share it with you.
It’s a conversation that could only have been borne out of a close, deep, rich relationship. It’s a long read, but I know you would be blessed. So, here it goes:

The Holy Spirit said to me,

“Like the battery in a phone, I like being used. If you don’t use me, you won’t feel a need to fill me back up – thereby, creating laxity which leads to FAMILIARITY.

But when you use me in calls (when we talk together), when you use me in text messages (when we pass each other love notes), when you use me to browse (when you come to me for revelation from the heart of the father), when you use me to play games (those times we just have fun); in those periods when the battery starts going down, maybe one bar or the tones of low battery start beeping – that point when you seem to start losing my closeness, that’s the time to go back and recharge. That is the time to go back and seek me. For at that same time too, I seek you, so that we can have fellowship – so that we can relate, so that we can play, so that I can share with you what’s in The Master’s Mind (get some free downloads). I really don’t want to lose a moment with you.

I know most times you can’t do without a phone. Many times when it goes off, you feel like that’s when many people would have called you and that’s also when you would have missed very many vital pieces of information. Of course, that’s the same with me. When you don’t recharge quickly and come back, you lose many things I have in store for you and it’s not my fault. It’s not that I’m not there, but the ear (your heart) you need to pick my signals have been shut down by you and I can’t do anything about it if you can’t do anything about it.

I really feel so jealous when I’m fully charged and you leave me on fire (still plugged in the electric socket). That’s not the reason I’m being filled in you. I get so filled in you so as to be unloaded by you into someone else or somewhere else I’m needed. The reason I say I do a new thing today in Isaiah 43:19 is that I’m just tired of affecting your life ALONE. I want to reach others through you. That’s why I moved from being a stationary friend (land-lines) to a mobile pal (mobile handset). At least, when you have so much of me, you can offer to those who have need of me, anywhere you go – though you can never have enough of me. I can talk with you anytime & anywhere. THE PRICE TO STAY WITH ME IS YOUR TIME (browsing, calls, messaging, photo-snapping, video-making, music & message listening, etc). THE PRICE TO STAY WITH OTHERS IS YOUR MONEY (credit purchase).

It’s really fun being with you. I really love us to stay so close as not to lose each other. I’m glad the more when I pass the message of heaven to you. You make me not to miss there entirely when you pick up what I said to you from THE FATHER and do it. This creates another heaven down here on earth. I really love to know your friends the more, the way you store their names and numbers with me. I keep you in remembrance of them anytime you need them but all the more, I hope to see Me being discussed in the conversations you make with them. Though I might not be the outright topic because of what the environment welcomes at the moment… I really do understand. But you can at most take my fruit in there, in case anyone goes hungry. I’ll still be felt there.
You know them (Gal5:22-23) – my LOVE APPLES when there’s any spot of hatred, bunchy JOY BANANAS if someone get’s sad and ORANGES of PEACE in the midst of confusion. Or you can slice some PINEAPPLES of PATIENCE (P.O.P) as time goes by, CHERRIES of KINDNESS to bring those far away closer and share some lumpy PEARS of GOODNESS to set a standard. Try also to pass round the FAITHFULNESS CARROTS to show whom you are and Whose you belong to, melt down things with WATERMELON – it passes the note of GENTLENESS & you can finally wrap it up with some SELF-CONTROL CUCUMBERS. They will love me at the end through you – giving the glory to God above, while you reap the dividends down here on earth.

I know there’s this hunger deep inside you to sometime upgrade your phone to something better, or even trendier so as to blend with the changing society. I genuinely understand you dear. That’s exactly the same way I love you to get into a new and deeper level of relationship with me. This I so desire without you neglecting the days of our little beginnings. In this world, you might upgrade from a 3310 to a camera phone or from a curve 1 to a bold 5 and you hate the former phone like it was a disease to you then. Not so with me. I love the earlier periods we shared. It was the bedrock of the future things we now discuss. If you didn’t know how to speak in tongues in those days where you barely stay 15 minutes with me, how could you have lost more than 3 hours just to hear what I have to say now? You couldn’t have been able to speak to a group of people if you had not started by stammering when you first went to talk to someone about your saviour, Jesus.

Get the new phones but don’t forget how the other ones were as faithful partners to you all this while, not deserting you when it looked like you weren’t in vogue. You have allowed them to fall off your hands a number of times on your way to getting a better one. They’ve gone down the floor many times more than Jesus fell on the way to Calvary. Yet, they still took your calls, sent your messages, played your games, stored phone numbers and took very little or nothing from your pocket when you went for repairs. Now you utterly disdain them in exchange for one which cost you a fortune and still does so when it asks for maintenance. Are you not like those unfaithful guys and girls who have friends who know them in and out, their strengths and weaknesses, their public life and secrets and still keep up with them, but when they want to settle down in life, they think they should upgrade? They come to ask me for a LIFE-PARTNER but they have had a PARTNER who has been with them for LIFE.


Yes! The day’s over. It’s time for a nap. But I know what it feels like to oversleep. No. No. No. No. Not at all! I don’t mean I sleep. I don’t even sleep. But the Master Jesus, when He pleads on your behalf before The Father, He makes mention of how man loves sleep and what sleep feels like in the flesh. Remember, He was once here, but now He makes intercession for you up above. This is not a license anyway for you to go snoring all through the night till poverty snatches your inheritance. So, do us both a favour; remind me to wake you up a long while before day so that we could have some fellowship. Oops! That’s when the sleep is sweeter, right? Well, I also learnt that it’s also the best time that’s good for couples to wake up and really do the talking and their other fun. So, I also think we should do the same.

So tell me.

I’m the alarm.

You are the Handler.

What time do you want to set me?”

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