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Laws of Retention

Daily and misc. messagesPosted by Ogo Fri, February 14, 2014 16:54:00
Cleft on the Rock


TEXT : Matt 7: 24 to 27

One of the most important spiritual laws, is the law of retention. That’s because change doesn’t occur because you heard a message that changed your life.. Change comes because you retained the information you heard and you put it into practice. Matt 7: 24 to 27. There is no need acquiring loads of information if you will not retain and implement. From statistics

The average retention span of an regular man is stated below. we retain approximately 10% of what we Read
20% of what we Hear
30% of what we See
45% of what we Hear And See
50% of what we discuss with others in a group discussion
70% of what we Say or repeat to others
90% of what we practice.

SOURCE http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/hrdlink.html.

"Research done by Edgar Dale showing the effectiveness of learning . In other words if you really desire change and transformation, sitting in church to hear Gods word is not the end point of transformation its actually just the beginning of transformation. You need to take a step further by engaging in (1). Meditation of Gods word. Jos 1:8. Ps 1:2 (2) praying about the words you hear so you can have a revelation of it and not just head knowledge eph 1:17 to 20. (3) get a small group of people you engage in edifying group discussions with Acts 4:23, Dan 2:17. (4) have someone or some people you are teaching what you are learning (5) put into practice what you are hearing Matt 7:24. Except you put these into practice, all you have heard and read, will profit you minimally. Matt 13:3 to 9.

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